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Manager/Barber-Jeff Carpenter

"I have been a licensed barber since 1993. I am an old fashioned barber that cuts lots of taper cuts and flat tops. I also cut with scissors doing wet cuts."

Barber-Mel Brown

"I love my costumers and i am very grateful to have all of them."

Barber-Chesterfeild Brown Jr.

"I would rather cut hair than play golf. I enjoy the people and the challenge of pleasing and making everyone happy with their hair."

Barber-Sherry Branham

"I love my profession because it allows me the opportunity to serve others while getting to know very interesting people  

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Barber-Tom Miller 

"To serve customers with integrity of any ethnicity. Providing attention to detail for over 25 years, for quality over quantity."

Barber-James Gutekunst

"I like working for Cal's! Great people, great stories!"

Barber-Shelly Andrews

"I enjoy getting to know my customers. They have great stories to tell. I like to cut short hair, long hair and everything in between."

Barber-Salty Gutierrez

"Im a people person and love my job!"