Spanish Springs Staff

Manager/Barber/Stylist-Nan Pike

"I love working to create unique styles and enjoy the challenge! I love coloring, highlights, design cutting and waxing!"

Barber-Al Ackerman

"I cater to hundreds of senior gentlemen. I am fortunate to work in Florida's friendliest home town and a stranger is a friend i haven't met yet"

Barber/Stylist-Mark Ratikan

"With 8 years of hair cutting experience i take pride in the quality of my work"

Barber-Frank DeSacuo

"My specialty is scissor cuts and razor cuts. I do beard and neck shaves as well. I enjoy meeting people and giving them a great haircut!"

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Barber/Stylist-Jerry Vecerkovic

"I enjoy people and giving people great haircuts. My specialty is layered cuts."

Stylist-Sharon Peters

"My specialty would be perms but i also love color. I love making people smile and get excited about their new style. Im always learning something new with this profession." 

Stylist-Marian Mazurkiewicz

"I love my profession because everyday is different. My specialties are perms, roller sets and color."

Stylist-Courtney Milow

"I am new to the salon world but i love being around people and making them feel beautiful! My specialty is balayaging, it is my favorite thing to do in the salon."

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Stylist-Julie Fahnholz 

"Stylist since 1969, i moved to the Villages 6 years ago and have owned 3 salons. I specialize in haircuts and color. I enjoy empowering clients to be beautiful and the best that they can be." 

Stylist-Kevin Vo

"My specialty is doing hair because i just love doing it!"

Stylist-Diane Musgraves

"I would say cutting is what i love because it gives me the ability to create and change a person's hair and how it makes them feel about themselves. "

Stylist-Kelli Meoak

"I love the diversity, every day i meet new people and hear a different life story."

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Stylist-Lori Beam

"I love doing hair all parts of it! I've done it for 35 years and still love it. I would have to say i love the people and making them feel better and good about themselves"

Stylist-Di Kaminski

"I love people and the art of creating. I also love color, cuts and blow drys!"

Stylist-Ash'lee Burnette

"My specialty is A-line bobs, balayaging and adding dimension to hair. Why i love my profession, the understanding that you never stop learning and growing. Making every individual who sits in my chair look and feel absolutely beautiful."    

Barber-Julia Tucker 

"I am a barber at Cal's and i really enjoy the people i work with and all of my clients."

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Barber-Mardi Philippe

"In all my years at Cal's i have known lots of special people, some were close to my heart that's the best part of why i love my profession. I specialize in short ladies cuts"