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Barber-Bobby Strickland

"I've been cutting hair for 44 years. Village people are easy to talk to and that makes my job even easier.

Barber-Patricia Ritchie

"Been in hair industry my whole life. I've retired and then decided to do part time and still have a love for hair!"

Manager-Jamie Pickwick

"Just a girl from Cleveland Ohio who loves to make people look good! I've met some wonderful people working at Cal's."

Barber-Norma Bateman

"I love my profession and being at Cal's for 10 years has given me the opportunity to get to know many awesome clients"

Barber-Betty Augenstein

"I like interacting with my customers and my co-workers. Making my customers happy is what i love most about my life!"

Barber-Jason Brown

"I am 43 years olds with 4 wonderful kids and a wife of 17 years.I am very blessed for my job and all of my customers. My favorite type of haircut is the high and tight and flat tops."

Barber-Jack Maselli

"I have been cutting hair since 1963. I love talking and joking with my customers. Its a great profession if you enjoy working with the public."

Barber-Judy Maselli

"I have been cutting hair for a very long time. I can not imagine myself without scissors or razors in my hand. I love making customers happy and looking great. "

Barber-Sharon Powell

"I love making people feel and look better than when they walked through the front door and i really enjoy getting to know my clients over the years. We have shared a lot of ups and downs together and look forward to many more.

Barber-Vanessa Gutekunst

"I love what i do and feel like i am not really "working" i just try to make people feel great while they are in my chair and look even better when they leave."